4 Reasons Why Should I Buy a PS4

Millions of people have a PS4 these days. This just proves that this one-of-a-kind gaming device is a cutting-edge system. It is easy to use, consists of great games, packed with a lot of cool stuff, and worth your every penny. It might be tough to choose a gaming console that suits your needs and demands, but PS4 is the ideal one for you. Everything you need in a console is already here. In case you still don’t have yours, maybe it helps to read on these reasons why should i buy a ps4 console today:

The Games

PS4 takes pride in its broad selection of games. There are a lot of exclusive games available to choose from in this console that will make you enjoy more your gaming session. Sony makes it a point not to forget to focus on what really matters to all gamers in the world—the games. Since consoles are most likely to become multimedia devices these days, it is important to note that PS4 still focuses on the games. Also, the company embraces indie developers who bring more exciting games to the PS4.

The Price

Probably the main reason why you should purchase a PS4 today is its price. Certainly, it is more affordable than its competitors. The price gap between Microsoft and Sony consoles is quite significant. Truth be told, PS4 is $100 cheaper than its counterparts. You will be able to spare more cash if you opt for this console over the other brands out there. More so, it is worth it since it is filled with strong features and specifications. You will never regret buying it, for sure.


The Performance

Known as the most powerful next-generation console, PS4 is absolutely a great steal. You will be spoiled with tons of launch games and performance upside. Most of the games run at native 1080p. With PS4, the games are played in a higher resolution, making them prettier on the screen as well as adding more visual effects. It won’t disappoint anyone as it takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

The Gamepad

It might not be a major reason, but this gamepad included in the PS4 is the most refined one that Sony has ever built. DualShock 4 is probably the best gamepad in the world. It has a comfortable design, built-in battery, better look, and an array of smart updates for a gamepad. Nothing compares being able to play with a nice and more functional gamepad like this one. With this, it is surely a game changer.

By knowing all these great things about PS4, today might be the perfect time to buy yours. This gaming console won’t fail you as it has been tried and tested by millions of gamers in the world. You can purchase PS4 consoles at Harvey Norman and start playing with your family or friends. It is a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones, so better make the most of it.

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