How to Evaluate Commercial Cooling Tower Efficiency?

When selecting a cooling tower for your business, one critical factor to always consider is the type of cooling system that you want. There are many options available to improve cooling tower efficiency. Quality of life can be greatly impacted by having an inefficient system or having a system in chronic need of attention.

Ventilation Cooling System
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4 Keys to Commercial Cooling Tower Efficiency

The following are key components that should always be considered when evaluating the cooling system one has or when purchasing a new system.

Buy a New System

One way to experience a better and more natural work environment is with a quieter commercial cooling tower. A new system that has proven to be incredibly popular is the eco-Air. The eco-Air offers a NEMA fan motor/EC fan motors, BAS integration with their automated PLC control panel, and an adiabatic cooler.
The eco-Air also a offers piped water distribution system that’s designed for adiabatic pads and nitrogen-charged coils. Moreover, made with stainless steel and built-in aluminum fins. This is one of the many wonderful options that are available to you. Definitely inquire about all of the options before making your final decision.

Maintain Your System

It is also important to maintain the cooling efficiency of your unit. Knowing what you have and how to maintain it is critical to optimizing continual efficiency from your unit. Without this regular maintenance and awareness. It can be far more common to experience cooling tower failure and less than optimum efficiency. This is clearly not the goal and would result in lost money and unsatisfactory experiences. The best way to maintain your system is to schedule regular maintenance appointments and understand your unit’s functionality and behaviors.

Understand Your Unit

It is critical that you understand how your unit works. This does not mean you have to achieve the level of education that a repairman or manufacturer would need, but it does impact the level of awareness essential to making sure that optimum maintenance is provided as well as the ability to know when your system is not performing as it should.

Other factors to consider are the source of the water utilized in the unit’s effectiveness among many other factors that may not seem immediately obvious. Little changes make a big difference in performance.

Help Minimize Distractions

Having an efficient and pleasant cooling experience in one’s office is important for many reasons. Including impact on productivity and overall life experience. As simple as this need can be, it is something that cannot be ignored nor given inadequate consideration. To bring about the best possible outcome, simple and efficient steps can be taken to keep the system working at its best and making itself less of consideration each day.

The beauty of an efficient cooling tower is how it makes itself less of a focus when working at its best capacity. Learn your options, choose what works best for you, and keep it working optimally through regular maintenance. A few small steps taken now can result in much fewer steps and costly repairs in the future.

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