Cars, Motorcycles, And Performance

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You can compare cars from so many different points of view including performance, affordability, convenience, environmental impact, maintenance, and many more. Cars are so different from each other and there is a car for absolutely every possible personality. One way of finding the car which suits you best is by looking through second hand options through sites such as In motorcycles, the product variety is not so extensive and there are basically three types of motorcycles: city bikes, choppers, and sport motorbikes. One of the criteria used for comparison in both categories, cars and bikes, is performance. In both cases, drivers as well as riders are attracted by the performance of their gadgets. Here is a comparison of car and motorbike performance:

Speed In Motorbikes

Photo by Highways Agency

The reality is that motorcycles are considered faster than cars. In fact, they only have a better start. The problem is not the top speed but how quickly each of them is reaching the top speed. A motorbike is much smaller and the resistance is much lower. It is only natural to accelerate quicker.

The feeling Of Speed

50 miles on a motorbike are felt differently than 50 miles in a car. The design of the car allows you to feel speed but not to hear it. Hearing the wind by your ears makes the rider feel as if they are riding faster than they actually are. Adrenaline pumps faster in the blood of the rider. But, at really high speeds, the road is merely a spot for a motorcycle and it is no longer a matter of feeling speed but a matter of not knowing what is ahead. Adrenaline is triggered by fear. A car allows you to feel high speeds and adrenaline is caused by pleasure.

A car and a motorbike are two different things. When you drive a high performance car, it is a matter of controlling such incredible power. When you ride a motorcycle it is a matter of allowing yourself to be controlled by incredible forces. People drive cars and ride motorcycles. They both surrender, drivers to their need to control, and bikers to their need to let go.

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