Apple Reveals the New iPad!

Apple iPad

Can someone imagine if anyone can create a different device like a laptop or an iPhone? or a better device as compared to both of them. “Netbooks are not better at anything” Said by Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple.

Everyone was astonished to see the new device specially Apple watchers. The iPad’s sub- $500 price tag for 16GB of storage, while 32GB will come on $599 and 64GB for $699, and add $130 to get each model with 3G technology.

What is it?

The new device which is called iPad is Just 1.5 pound in weight, 0.5 inches thin and with 9.7 inches IPS display. it is configured with a specially designed Silicon 1Gz chip called A4. the battery time for this device is with 10 hours backup. At the same time Steve Job showed the demonstration of iPad by browsing on the web by pulling up the New York Times and the whole world is in the palm of your hand.

One of the very unique feature of Apple iPad is its with a large display screen for email and read / type messages. The technology is very amazing. The virtual keyboard is on the screen with great typing experience. And this will become the dream keyboard of everyone, to work on.

If we make the comparison between the products offered by Apple that how much iPad will be sold by Apple? Someone said 3.5 million. Where as if we look at the last quarter of the previous year, Apple sold around 8.7 million iPhones, 3.36 million Macs and 20.1 million iPods.


Now if we look at the latest technology with an On-Screen Keyboard, no usual ports are required for USB and ethernet, no DVD drive is required.

Guess what is this amazing technology is. The Display is cool, apps are fastest, the battery time is 10 hours, whatelse can you dream of!

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