Analyze Weather Conditions with the Use of Sferic DroneFlight

Your business can gain a lot with access to an emergency text alert system that informs you and those you serve about adverse weather conditions. These top Sferic DroneFlight benefits help you navigate your drone flight plan. The data collected can be used for mapping future flights or last-minute changes to an existing flight plan.

Customization Options for Weather Alerts

An alert that goes out to you and your administrative staff ahead of a big storm lets you start coordinating your emergency strategy. This could mean canceling a drone flight, rerouting it to avoid the worst of the weather, or deciding that the data collected during the storm is worth the risk. Customize the kind of map displays you want for your real-time lightning data and choose whether to add mobile alerts to your safety system.

Understand and Anticipate Risks

Drone sensors on the Sferic DroneFlight system keep constant watch over weather patterns that affect flight risks. Whether delivering packages, taking videos, or recording scientific data, a good flight plan needs to take the weather into account. This can protect your machine from loss or damage due to severe weather conditions and applies doubly if your drone is carrying sensitive equipment or a package delivery.

Accurate and Reliable Data

With the largest global lightening network, Earth Networks has 1,200 sensors in 40 countries relaying real-time information that updates every two seconds. All sensors are fine-tuned to provide accurate information that helps governments and companies stay on top of weather conditions. Online data sheets show you the specifications that go into this elite system.

Sferic DroneFlight benefits are felt by companies, governments, and schools with the ability to accurately monitor developing weather conditions. Anyone launching drones needs to know the risks of severe weather. Visit the Earth Networks website to find out more about what this technology can do for you.

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