New invention by MIT – A camera that captures 1 trillion frame per second

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New invention by MIT

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has developed a new camera that has opened new perspective of technology and photography. This brings an unimaginable speed that can actually see the photons moving in space. Its real as it gets!

It can capture the packets of lights and photons movements. This camera can now help in the field of medical, photography, understanding the natural behaviors changing around the day and night.
“With our ultrafast imaging, we can actually analyze how the photons are traveling through the world. And then we can recreate a new photo by creating the illusion that the photons started somewhere else,” said by Ramesh Raskar
It is as expensive as it sounds the weight of this device. This mega fast camera is using real titanium sapphire laser and a streak camera for high speed. It uses development resources for about $250’000. It is using 500 sensors which of each is triggered to capture light at 1 trillion frames every second.
MIT Media Lab postdoctoral associate Andreas Velten said “Because we can see those photons, we could use them to look inside objects–for example, for medical imaging, or to identify materials,”


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