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Ford is one of the leading car manufacturers in the UK. Their Ford Focus has been Britain’s number one car every year since its launch in 1998. Ford has four major manufacturing sites in the country, each employing thousands of people and keeping their production lines running smoothly.

Ford’s Dagenham plant produced around one million diesel engines every single year, ranging from the 1.4 up to the high performance unit known as the V8. Positioned strategically on the Thames River, Dagenham is Ford’s essential transportation hub in the UK due to its excellent water, motorway and rail connections which allow thousands of vehicles, engines and components to pass in and out of the plant on a daily basis.

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Ford’s Wales plant is located in Bridgend and acts as the centre of the brand’s petrol engine production line. These engines range from the 1.25 up to the 4.4 litre V8 engine. Both the Dagenham and Bridgend plants produce these top of the line engines not only for Ford’s own use, but also for distribution to other car brands who value Ford’s quality components.

Ford’s third UK plant is Ford Transit, located in Southhampton. The fourth and final plant is particularly unique: the Halewood plant is run jointly by Ford and the transmission specialists Getrag, meaning that it is located on the same site where vehicles from Land Rover and Jaguar are also assembled. The Halewood plant is a specialist gearbox plant, supplying Ford cars and other commercial vehicles all over the country.

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