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Best beach resorts of the world

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Best beach resorts

The word travel comes along with few other related words like beaches and resorts. Who would not like to hang out with friends and family in those long exotic beach tracks, have a boat house in the backwaters, stay in a beach resort and enjoy the mesmerizing color contrast of the nature? While the splendid blue sky makes you stay away from the tensions of your daily life, the vast crystal clear tracts of the sea shore sand makes your heart dance with joy, the mighty deep blue ocean makes you feel a little more modest. Here is the list of few of the top beach resorts of the world, where you can discover yourself while enjoying the vacations.

Europe is known for its scenic beach beauty and exotic resorts. Elounda in the beaches of Crete exhibits the splendid Greek hospitality. It is surrounded by green lush forests and breathtaking oceanic blue. Very secluded but with luxurious amenities and service, this is one of the top beach resorts pick.

Splendido in Italy is as good as any marvelous holiday vacations of the world. Highlights of this resort would be the night life! Water sports like skiing, motor boat races are very much the routine of the visitors here.

Little Palm island in US is another noteworthy destination. Sailing, fishing and indoor hospitality in the spas, restaurants and pools leaves the guests waiting to visit the next time.

The list would be much empty if Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean is not mentioned. Of the numerous world famous resorts, Four seasons is very much recommended. The interior architecture is down to earth but exotic in its own way. It’s a multi storey white building which contrasts the green hills behind. Scuba divingand surfing in this amazing island are the main attraction.

Bucuti Beach resort in the beaches of Aruba is just a quiet hotel in its own style. Just perfect for you and your friends to hang out with peace and tranquility. Interestingly below 18s are not allowed which might give a relief to those who want absolute silence and relaxation. The gardens, pools and clean beach sand makes you go for a long blissful walk.

Palmilla is in the Mexican Baja Peninsula and treats your senses with bliss and pleasure. It has a golf course in the beach and the spas, bar and restaurants in the resort are as good as the natural beauty of the location. Gym, conference facilities, children amusement amenities and pools catch the attention of guests. It is a perfect exotic location to spend your holiday and have quality time with family.

Rio Das Piedras in the South American country – Brazil is just near the famous Rio de Janeiro coast. The all luxurious rooms served with world class amenities is another choose for a family hang out. There is everything that you can think of a dream resort. Right from spas, pools and clubs to archery and water sports.

Australia is another famous travel destination of the world. This continent to the south of equator is blessed with amazing natural marvels. One such wonder is The Great Barrier Reef which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Heron resort in Australia is located on this Great Barrier Reef and has a coast where visitors can swim their way to the reef. Scuba diving, Snorkeling and sailing facilities are offered too. With plenty of options in suites and rooms selection, it is one of the most preferred destinations in Australia.

Indonesia’s Bali Island has equally good resorts like the Intercontinental Bali Resort; you can make all your reservations on Expedia. Located in the Jimbaran Beach, the resort even takes care of the pickup and drop off services for its guests. The seafood in this country is a highlight of any visit. Apart from the breathtaking beauty of this Asian island country, the hospitality is often praised.

Mont Choisy is one of the top beach resorts in Mauritius. With vast stretches of white beach sand and cold blue waters which are clear enough to see the pebbles and sea shells. The villas and bungalows attract visitors from all across the globe for its simplicity. With tariffs and options to suit your needs, this is a must pick vacation spot for you and your family.

Koh Phra Thong Island in Thailand hosts an uninhabited place with natural hills, woods and waters. The homes and villas in the only resort of the island – Golden Buddha resorts, are extremely down to earth and guests can learn Yoga and Kayaking savoring along with the luxurious spas, pools and other classy amenities. The interiors are so self sufficient, cozy and warm, you would hardly wish to exit.

Seychelles in the western most borders of African continent is an apt choice for a superb equatorial vacation spot. Banyan Tree star resorts in the Mahe islands bordering Indian Ocean is the best spot for a honeymoon trip. With unbelievable hospitality in the spas and gardens, this resort is undoubtedly one of the best in the world.


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