Site Statistics:
Monthly unique visitors – 250.000approx.
Monthly impressions – 600.000approx.
Google Page rank: 3/10
Alexa traffic rank – 606,633

Target Audience:
Travel & tourism, Adventure Expeditors, Nature / Beach Resorts, Art & Craft / Lifestyle, Fashion, Automobiles / Classic Cars, Car Rentals Companies

Advertising Opportunities
We have just started our advertisement section, because the site has much more expenses than it may appear. If you are looking to place a Banner ad, please write an email directly to me at

1. Leader Board (960 x 90px) – 1/1 Spots available

2. Banner ads (125 x 125px) – 5/6 Spots available


3. Adverts (link in-text ads)
You can also place adverts in new / published posts, for that send us your requirement to

Payment method
Currently we are only accepting payment through PayPal

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